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We're on a salty mission with Drink LMNT to improve the health of mamas in New Zealand through electrolyte supplementation. Want to know more? Scroll on down!

Hydration isn't just about water, it's about being salty enough too!

Our secret weapon

Hydration and electrolyte balance is so important for your health, not to mention forthe development of your pepi.

Pregnancy doesn't just demand extra water and electrolytes for amniotic fluid, placental function, and blood volume maintenance. It also makes you lose more through sweat and urine. And even postpartum, electrolytes remain essential for breastmilk production. Especially sodium. It's not uncommon for a lack of salt to hinder women's milk supply. So many friends have had a huge boost in supply when I've shared LMNT with them.

We use LMNT because of their science-backed ratio of electrolytes: 1000mg sodium, 200mg potassium, and 60mg magnesium. But we love LMNT because they care just as much about what they don't use: it has no sugar, no coloring, no artificial ingredients, or any other questionable ingredients.

There's some old school science still floating out there, so if you're thinking I'm sure I've heard that salt is the devil, well no. Join us at @saltymamasnz and check out our blog posts below to find out why electrolytes should be your new best friend!

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