Online booking

Book yourself an appointment through our system provider Gensolve by clicking the link below!

If this is your first time or you need some help in using this booking platform please scroll down to see instructions

If you are looking for a specific date you can search in the "Find a Clinician" section at the top.

Otherwise, if you know which physio you want to book with, the easiest way is to click "View Practitioners" on any of the sites, select "View Details" beside the person you want to book with, and then the calendars they have for each site will appear below their picture and title.

Firstly double check you are on the right date. I know the system can get confusing and often jumps so just double check

Then, make sure that the service you are wanting is in the top right hand box of the clinician's calendar.
E.g. If you have a new injury, choose "ACC Initial Physio". If you are a new personal training client choose "Personal Training Initial Assessment and Programme Writing". There are corresponding options for follow up appointments and other services.

This is important as different services require different length appointments to be booked in our diary.

Then select the appointment you would like, make sure you double checked you are on the correct date at the top.

You will be asked to sign in. If you have done this before, sign in with your existing details. If you are new, please register. You will only need to register the first time, then you can sign in again for booking future appointments.

Note: If you have registered for our services before, but are booking an initial appointment (e.g. you've got a new injury), please remember you DON'T need to register again, you can still log in under your existing details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't worry you're not the only one that might find this confusing! We will update this section with common problems to help along the way.

If you're really stuck, get in touch!