Everything is f*cked

Everything is f*cked

A Book about Hope

Mark Manson


And it just gets better and better!

If you thought you loved the subtle art, then you will LOVE this!

After learning to choose and live by your values, it is important to understand how you and your values fit into the world.

Lets be real, it says it in the title, everything is f*cked, but we can still choose to live a different way, understand the way we think, the way we interact, and realise that we are in charge of our own wellness.

The general view of what happiness is and what we hope for are challenged in this book, and you come to realise that to be happy you don't need to live in field of daisies and unicorns, you just need to commit to your values, to others, and get by despite what the rest of society is up to.